TechnoCRAFT Exhibition Curated by Yves Béhar Opens in San Francisco.

TechnoCRAFT exhibition, San Francisco.

TechnoCRAFT is a new exhibition of more than 800 pieces by over 40 artists that explores that blurring boundary between designer and consumer, in which the consumer can take part in personalizing design. Curated by designer Yves Béhar of San Francisco-based Fuseproject, this exhibition features six sub-themes:

Crowdsourcing mines the collective talent of the community to develop new design solutions and puts the decision-making power in the hands of the masses. One participant in the exhibition, Threadless, is an online apparel store that solicits consumers to design and vote for new t-shirts each week.

t-shirts by threadless, technoCRAFT exhibition, San Francisco.

Platforms consist of designers creating open, software-based platforms that provide the tools for individuals to create and/or customize their own unique products. From shoes to t-shirts to fantastic creatures, Platforms make it easy for individuals of all skill levels to take on the role of designer. PUMA’s Mongolian Barbeque is an iconic example of this theme.

puma's mongolian barbeque, technoCRAFT exhibition, San Francisco.
Blueprints act as ideas that can be given away or sold, putting the power to create in the hands of the consumer. Rather than create and sell a finished product, designers sell or give away instructions so that anyone can create/recreate the design in their own way.

Hacks is a term that has moved far beyond the manipulation of computer software, extending into the public’s consciousness. Tables, iPhones and bikes are revised, modified and manipulated to achieve a new look or new functionality. The Eames Hack High Chair below by the team of McCandlish, Tom Reynolds, Jared Delorenzo, Alexandra Powell, Tim Peet, and Alie Thomer – students at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia – is a prime example of this.

Eames hack chair, TechnoCRAFT exhibition, San Francisco.

Incompletes intentionally leave room for creativity on the part of the user. The degree to which the end user is involved varies with each design, but all depend on the role of the user to provide input for a design to properly function. With Marijn van der Poll’s Do hit chair you can change the original form with a hammer or other tool into whatever you decide.

steel cube for the do hit chair.
Do Hit chair in Action, TechnoCRAFT exhibition, San Francisco.

Finally, Modules are individual components that come together to create customised creations. Intelligently designed modules allow for the user to develop an outcome that is driven in equal parts by ingenuity and budget. Designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s Clouds allows the user to arrange and re-arrange a variety of tiles to create installations and new designs.

Exhibit Information
TechnoCRAFT: Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers, and Design in the Age of Individuality
July 10 – October 3, 2010: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), San Francisco

All photography taken courtesy of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Vivid Sydney Festival Opens with Lighting of the Sails.

sydney opera house during the vivid sydney festival.

Just a few days ago, Vivid Sydney opened with the lighting of the sails of the Sydney Opera House, along with other events. It was a beautiful evening (just before the rain) and we had the front-and-center view of the Opera House from the balcony of the Overseas Passenger Terminal, where the opening event was held. Beams of light were projected from the Terminal as well as from the Botanic Gardens on both sides of the Opera House, giving the iconic building “instant makeovers” as the colors changed every few minutes. The sight was certainly spectacular. The festival ends Junew 12, so if you will be in Sydney, go check it out.

Also check out the Gallery for more images by clicking on the “Gallery” link on top.

sydney opera house during the vivid sydney festival.

sydney opera house during the vivid sydney festival.

sydney opera house during the vivid sydney festival.

sydney opera house during the vivid sydney festival.

sydney opera house during the vivid sydney festival.

Vivid Sydney Festival.

lighting of the sails at luminous, part of vivid sydney.

In less than ten days, Sydney will host a new festival of music, light and ideas called Vivid Sydney. The festival, in its inaugural year, is to showcase Sydney as a creative hub in the Asia-Pacific region with a series of light installations, public talks, concerts and more. On May 26th, the festival will open with the lighting of the sails of the Sydney Opera House with artwork by Brian Eno, who is also the event’s curator. There will also be an image/sound installation called “77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno” that will be showcased at the Opera House.

lighting of the sails at luminous, part of vivid sydney.

In conjunction the Smart Light Sydney event will also open with a Light Walk of luminous art that starts at the Sydney Observatory and through the Rocks to the Opera House, as well as to the Conservatorium of Music. An art light exhibition will also be held at the University of Technology, Sydney. These events will be free to the public. This is just a start to three week’s worth of events in the Australian city.

For visitors to the event, the City of Sydney has organized a series of deals with local hotels, restaurants, attractions and more — many with “buy one, get one free” deals with exception of hotels, which is a “book two nights and get the third free”. A link is below for reference.

light walk at smart light, part of vivid sydney.