Velvet Christmas at Ordning & Reda.

ordning & reda christmas stationery wrapping.

Ordning & Reda is still probably one of my favorites for the design and variety, while the French company Clairefontaine is for the paper quality. For the holiday season, Ordning & Reda is releasing a series of velvet products including the notebooks and diaries pictured below. There are also velvet bags to complete the look.

However, as Ordning & Reda’s store inside the Bodum store in New York City closed at the end of last year, it is virtually impossible to buy these products here in the US. I was told that a store is in the works, slated to open (perhaps) early next year in Manhattan, so stay tuned.

Now back to the London Design Festival.

ordning & reda velvet notebooks.

Stationery: Ordning & Reda.

inside the ordning & reda store, stockholm.

Ordning & Reda is probably one of my favorite stationery companies (the other being Clairefontaine in France). I first found this store in 2001 when I visited Stockholm and have been a customer since. I enjoy visiting their stores and spending time looking at all the color variations available for every notebook, folder and more. It’s just a very fulfilling sensory experience.

These Flora notebooks are also quite appealing. They are available in two sizes, and in the two colors shown below.

flora notebooks by ordning & reda, stockholm.

In addition to stationery, they also have a line of accessories. My favorite is probably their travel wallet, which has become something I could not live without when I travel. The one I have now is my second one, which I asked my cousin to bring back from her trip to Sweden last year. They used to also have iPod cases, but for some reason they are nowhere to be found on their website.

travel wallet from ordning & reda, stockholm.

So where to buy? Well, the closest store here in the US is in New York. Click here for a complete list of shops.