Secrets of Tokyo: The East.

secrets of tokyo magazine cover.

I was at the magazine stand while passing through Tokyo, and saw this one with the cover of “Secrets of Tokyo” and started to flip through it. There was a feature on the Tokyo Sky Tree, which will become the world’s tallest broadcasting tower, and is already the tallest structure in Japan (in earthquake country no less). It is located in east Tokyo, which has gained much more attention with the building of Tokyo Sky Tree.

I walked through parts of east Tokyo just recently, and surprisingly enough the crowds of Shinjuku or Shibuya just weren’t there. It was just much more quaint, more local, more like any normal neighborhood where people knew each other. That’s just the feeling I got. I was actually searching for this cafe in Higashi-Mukojima called KOGUMA (which means cub), which was remodeled from an old drugstore from 1927. Inside you can eat, read from the cafe’s library of Japanese and some English books and just enjoy an afternoon in a quaint little street – if you can find it! A photo of my meal is below.

lunch in mukoujima, tokyo.

secrets of tokyo magazine story.

In about a week, I will attempt to find more of these hidden “secrets” in Tokyo and will report back. stay tuned.

Tracking Travel, Social Media Style.

As I was just randomly surfing the web, I came across a potentially useful service called MySkyStatus by Lufthansa. This service allows travelers to input their flight information and have departure and arrival information as well as up to two updates while in-flight posted to their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. The great thing about this service is that this is not limited to Lufthansa flights, but for many other airlines as well.

The only drawback it seems is that once you input a flight and link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can’t cancel it. However, you would still be able to remove it once updates are posted. I think I will try this out for a future flight.

myskystatus by lufthansa.

It’s Finally Here: The End to Free Airplane Meals on International Flights.

USA Today reported today in its “Today in the Sky” blog that United Airlines plans to end free meals for some of its trans-Atlantic flights starting October 1. The new change will be rolled out with flights from Dulles to European destinations. Passengers will be paying $6 or $9 for meals, depending on choice. In addition to this major change, there will be other changes on October 1, as follows:

  • no more complimentary meals in domestic business class, with exception for its p.s. flights between San Francisco/Los Angeles and New York.
  • prices of United’s meal boxes will also be going up from its current $5 or $7 meal options, but new prices have not been published.
  • United’s own site has no comments about these changes. However, travel discussion groups such as flyertalk have been monitoring the changes. Read the full article at USA Today about this as well as the discussions on flyertalk by clicking on the links below.