Day 3 at the Salone: Is Ventura Lambrate the New Zona Tortona?

map pointing to ventura lambrate.

For this first time, the Lambrate industrial area to the east of Milan showcased more than 20 groups of designs, mostly from the Netherlands. The area is definitely not as thriving as Zona Tortona, but at the same time one can comfortably browse through the designs without the crowds. As many have put it, Ventura Lambrate is like “the Zona Tortona from 10 years ago”. It is not exactly an easy place to get to, as even after getting off the metro, you would have to walk through the train station to the other side and into a different residential area, and after many twists and turns do you actually see the exhibits. In any case, here are our favorites from Lambrate:

L’artisan Electronique by Unfold + Tim Knapen.

l'artisan electronique by unfold + tim knapen at ventura lambrate milan.

Simply put, it’s pottery printed on the spot – digital style. A 3D ceramic printer is combined with a virtual pottery wheel and pottery can be made digitally. The printing process is supposed to be an imitation of traditional artisans by stacking up coils of clay. See a video of this in action.

Collection Arnhem Product

This is a collective exhibit of the works of 17 third-year product design students of ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts Arnhem, the Netherlands. The theme of each product displayed is considered a re-framing of the simple objects that are around us. For example, the dishcloth pictured below looks quite simple, but there is detail. The checkered pattern actually lines up when the dishcloth is hung, making the display just even more pleasing to the eye (therefore, I bought one myself).

designs by collection arnhem product.

Follow-up: Sergio Rossi Temporary Store in Milan.

Here are some actual images fro the Sergio Rossi temporary store featuring their mens’ collections in the Brera District.

Via Ponte Vetero 19, Milan

sergio rossi temporary store, milan.

sergio rossi temporary store, milan.

sergio rossi temporary store, milan.

sergio rossi temporary store, milan.

Press Preview Day in Milan, Zona Tortona.

Preview day here in Milan was a busy one. Here’s our round-up here at Zona Tortona:

Swarovski Crystal Palace

Sustainable design continues to be the theme for many here in Milan, starting with Yves Béhar’s “Amplify” for Swarovski Crystal Palace. This is a series of six paper lanterns in different shapes with light refracted from a real crystal with an LED source.

Amplify paper lanterns by Yves Béhar for Swarovski Crystal Palace

Tokujin Yoshioka brings his “Stellar” showcase with a suspended one-meter diameter globe in a smoke-filled space. Perhaps the picture doesn’t do the display justice, but I had thought the accompanying piece, which is a tank with natural crystals growing into a globe, was going to be contrasted with the suspended globe. Nevertheless this was still stunning to watch.

Stellar by Tokujin Yoshioka for Swarovski Crystal Palace

Superstudio Più’s Temporary Museum for New Design

Lighting by Flos at Superstudio Più

So much nothing to do display, Fatboy at Superstudio Più

Whether it’s lighting by Flos, or relaxation display by Dutch company Fatboy, Superstudio Più showcased a series of eye candy for those interested in design. I found pieces such as this Claesson Koivisto Rune W101 LED lamp from Swedish company Wästberg. The lamp itself is completely made of bio-degradable paper, specifically sandwiched sheets of DuraPulp, which is a mix of paper pulp and starch polymer. The lamp itself is surprisingly strong – actually at first glance one would never have guessed it’s made of paper! Very environmentally friendly indeed.

Claesson Koivisto Rune w101 LED lamp by Wästberg

This Koura arm chair from Finnish company Punkalive is made of a material called Kerto, which is laminated veneer lumber. The sustainable factor here is that the entire manufacturing process is made within the Finnish town of Punkaharju, and all raw materials were collected from within 100 kilometers of the mill.

Koura arm chair by Jukka Lommi for Punkalive


This California-based company Environment launched “e-pack”, which is a series of products including seating, planters, tables and stools, lighting and shelving that used recycled materials that also requires minimal packing – another sustainable series of products. The shelving in the photo below is made of recycled paper and honey comb cardboard. It is sturdy yet light. Other products such as bedding are made from recycled wood pieces from Brazil.

Shelving by Environment at Superstudio Più


Lavazza showcased the machines that brew the aromatic Italian espressos, with the creativity of its display beginning with the entrance to its showcase – a walkway made of coffee beans…

Coffee bean entry at Lavazza


Dutch company Linteloo also showcased some of its oversized-sofas that was very, very comfotable. I almost didn’t want to get up (perhaps it was the very tiring flight over to Milan).

Oversized sofa by Linteloo