Art and Tart Cards.

The July issue of Wallpaper* takes a look at Art & Sex, which is a first for the magazine. One of the features that I found interesting is the art of “Tart Cards,” which are cards that are placed in phone booths (particularly in London) advertising services of call girls. I have seen these cards in phone booths in London before, but never thought that these cards could have artistic value. In doing a little more research, there’s even a tart card book that is sold on So perhaps it’s really true that this “accidental art” has some sort of cult following. Art is really everywhere you look.

Do check out the Wallpaper* site for a complete set of images of tart cards designed by students and designers.

If you are in London, there is an exhibition of over 400 cards from June 22-29 in conjunction with Type LLP and St Bride Library titled “Typographical Tart Cards” here:

42 Hoxton Square
London N1 6PB

New Ticketing Options for the Heathrow Express.

For those of you who use the Heathrow Express, you no longer need to retrieve tickets at the ticket machines. Starting May 31, you will be able to either print your ticket at home or in the office, or even better — send the ticket directly to your phone. The ticket will be in the form of a barcode that can be scanned by the staff onboard.

new ticketing options for the heathrow express.

Also remember, it’s always cheaper to book your ticket online. You will save £1 (approximately US$2) on a standard one-way ticket.