Day 3 at the Salone: New Talent from the SaloneSatellite, Part 2 of 2.

Here are more of what we loved at SaloneSatellite this year, both from Scandinavian designers.

Boa Shelving/Storage by Tuyo Design

This is the shelving that I would love to have in my home, and I’d actually go to Norway to pick them up if I have to. It is a clever way to display books without bookends, wine without wine racks (although they are already looking for an even better solution to store wine) and more. The felt strips may be adjusted to accommodate more (or less) things as desired. Two strips of felt may be connected from one shelf to another to create more storage options.

boa shelving/storage by tuyo design.

boa shelving/storage by tuyo design.

My Granddaughter’s Cabinet by Lisa Hilland

This is a series of pieces that Swedish designer Lisa Hilland created called “My Granddaughter’s Cabinet”, which was inspired by family treasures. The piece pictured below is of the same name as the collection, and is a birch cabinet with oak, cherry and birch veneer for contrasting patterns.

my granddaughter's cabinet by lisa hilland.

Salone Interviews: Martí Guixé.

I had the opportunity to speak with ex-designer Martí Guixé during an signing event at the Alessi store in Milan for the Blank Wall Clock and the 24h Sentence Maker he created for Alessi. It’s quite exciting as always to hear the stories behind the creativity, and Martí Guixé certainly has his personal interpretations that he brings to life with this new creation. Check out the interview below!

Martí Guixé and the Blank Wall Clock designed for Alessi.

Metrosnapshot: So what inspired you to invite consumers to be a part of your design?

Guixé: I’ve thought long ago that you can have interaction with objects just like you can interact with new media. For me it’s a dialog between the object and the person. I’ve always thought that this was very good as people are so afraid to manipulate with objects (they encounter).

Metrosnapshot:How did this project get its start?

Guixé: About five years ago, a magazine asked me to do a drawing about designers and emotions, and what I drew was this clock — 24h Sentence Maker. It’s not a clock, it’s actually a machine to make sentences. In the middle you put the verb “is” and you can make sentences like “design is emotion”, “love is desire” and you can read the time as sentences. So I thought it was a good idea. When Alessi asked me two years ago to propose some objects, I proposed the clock as a real object. Because I also did some books for Corraini without text – childrens’ books – where children will have to work and write [in empty pages], so therefore I did the same with the clock.

Metrosnapshot: So what’s next for you?

Guixé: Well I have project designs such as lamps, as well as other projects for Alessi. I am also doing a shop in Georgetown (DC) for Camper.

Editor’s Note:

My favorite has to be the Blank Wall Clock. Although it’s obvious that we can do anything with it and write whatever we want, Mr Guixé offered some very clever ways to use this clock and see time in a completely different way, such as instead of 12 hours, have 13 hours on the clock – and by the end of the 12 hours, you’d have one more hour left! Of course you could do this the other way and have perhaps 11 hours on the clock and have one less… anything is possible. It can truly change your perception of time.

Blank Wall Clock designed by Martí Guixé for Alessi.

24h Sentence Maker designed by Martí Guixé for Alessi.

Day 3 at the Salone: New Talent from the SaloneSatellite, Part 1 of 2.

SaloneSatellite has always been one of my favorite parts of the Fair. This is when young designers have the opportunity to showcase their designs on the world stage during the Salone del Mobile, the largest gathering in the world in furniture design. This year we continue to see the talent displayed. Here are our picks for this year:

Seasons by Nao Tamura.

These are silicon serving plates that are designed in the shape of leaves and can be easily rolled-up for storage, or perhaps even displayed as art. It’s simplicity doesn’t require much more explanation to appreciate. This was the winner this year at SaloneSatellite.

seasons by nao tamura.

Folding Chair by Plicio.

A simple chair that just needs to be folded with a few easy steps and connected at the base with a rope to keep its shape. The chair when stored flat is only 6mm thick.

folding chair by plicio.

Perpetual Illusion Clock by Delphine Frey.

This aluminum clock requires a closer look. There are layers positioned to spin on top of each other, giving an interesting effect while telling time. It definitely caught our eye while we browsed through the many designs at the show. Her designs have been displayed by Christofle as well as Nespresso.

perpetual illusion clock by delphine frey.