This was the last stop for my trip, and it’s really to see a good friend of mine on my way home. Geneva to me is just a little (rich) town that’s basically stayed the same from the first time I went almost 20 years ago. The only thing I noticed is that Cornavin train station is finally getting a facelift – and those floors were slippery! The Chinese restaurant I dined at almost 20 years ago is still there. So are the many hotels, and all of the neon signage above buildings along Lake Geneva.




It was Sunday and everything was closed. Well, I would say 99% of the shops and restaurants. Since I’ve been to the city many times, I’ve been to all of the touristy spots. I still walked around town quite a bit, from my hotel by Cornavin all the way into Old Town Geneva, and finally decided that I was going to take advantage of the free “Geneva Transport Card” that’s offered to all visitors – because public transport is just outrageously expensive. I decided to take line 12 all the way to Moillesulaz, on the Swiss-French border. It’s just one of the silly things I do whenever I have the opportunity. The tram only took 16 minutes from city center and I was at the end of the line at Moillesulaz. A big since that said “FRANCE” with a big arrow pointed at France, and people just walked over. After a little hesitation I did the same. There were more cafes and restaurants open, but nothing interesting. So I came back to Switzerland.

This is exactly when my friend pinged me and we ended up meeting by the lakeside and caught up.

It was sunset time so we took some great photos. It was just a beautiful day and you could see Mont-Blanc so why not?

As for Christmas markets, there’s not really much to speak of except a few stalls right by Cornavin train station. Even the lights were not that exactly exciting. But Geneva still has its lakeside charm that continues to be unique.















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