In my past visits to Berlin, I had never been to the Berlin Wall.  As the past visits were always about visiting family, we mainly stayed in the western part of the city, except just after reunification that we went to the Pergamon Museum in the East (or maybe I did see part of the wall…  but I just don’t recall).  This time around, I wanted to spend as much time in the East as possible.  So I started out with a big German breakfast at the Alpenstueck Bäckerei & Café in the Mitte district.  I got myself the Alpenstueck Breakfast I along with a Mutschel, which is a sweet roll that was super yummy.  It was the perfect way to start out the morning for 12,60€.


Breakfast at the Alpenstueck Bäckerei & Café.


Breakfast at the Alpenstueck Bäckerei & Café. This is the Mutschel.


Breakfast at the Alpenstueck Bäckerei & Café.

After spending more time walking around, I took the train to Markthalle Neun, in the Kreuzberg district, within walking distance from the Görlitzer Bahnhof station.  The area felt like the Mission District of San Francisco.  Unfortunately most everything was closed in the market that day, except the supermarket and one restaurant.  I was already so tired so I had to sit down and enjoy a meal – and had a wonderful potato risotto with aubergines.  And the price?  8,50€.  For a capital city, Berlin is really affordable!


Markthalle Neun from the outside.


Markthalle Neun.


Potato risotto with aubergine at Markthalle Neun.

From there I decided to walk along Friedrichstraße, which is a major shopping street, all the way down to the famous Checkpoint Charlie, which was an Allied checkpoint during the Cold War for crossings into East Berlin.  Sadly the place has become a major tourist trap, with tourists wanting to take photos with “fake” American soldiers.  Diagonally across was a Berlin Wall attraction where people had to pay; but right outside were panels that explained what led up to the building of the wall, which was quite interesting.  This was also when I discovered that the city had put in rows of cobblestones representing where the wall once stood.


Checkpoint Charlie.


Checkpoint Charlie, the tourist trap.


Cobblestone marker of where the Berlin Wall once stood, at Checkpoint Charlie.

I then proceeded to walk to see a well-preserved section of the Berlin Wall, but then stumbled upon the Topography of Terror, which is an exhibition site that told the history of the Nazi Secret Police (Gestapo) – on the site where the headquarters once stood.  The section of the Wall was right outside the Topography of Terror, which was quite a sight.  I ran out of phone battery after I took this photo.

After a day’s worth of walking (12 miles), I was ready to give myself a rest.

Berlin Wall at the Topography of Terror, looking from West to East.

Berlin Wall at the Topography of Terror, looking from West to East.

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